Fungal Cell Wall meeting

Valeria gives a seminar at Fungal Cell Wall meeting. This meeting at the Institute Pasteur is the most important meeting in the field.

Jacques Monod Conference

Anaëlle is attending the Jacques Monod Conference on Development in Roscoff. She will present her last results on modelling embryonic cleavage geometries.

Gordon Research Conference

Hiro gave a seminar at Gordon Research Conference. This GRC is one of the most important meeting in cell division. Hiro will present his results on sperm aster motion.

Jacques Monod Conference

Hiro and Nico gave poster and talk at Jacques Monod Conference in Roscoff. Great conference on microtubule and actin cytoskeleton.

YRLS conference

Valeria gave a talk at YRLS conference. This conference is a french meeting for students and post-docs.